Best Lacrosse Sticks Review 2018(See Complete Buyer’s Guide)

Lacrosse is about running and sprinting. In such a quick paced amusement, you require the best lacrosse sticks in your grasp to have any kind of effect in the field.

There is such an unbelievable marvel as the best lacrosse stick ever for you, however it relies upon many factors. Your age gathering, sexual orientation, position on the field, individual inclinations all issue here. We’ve made a thorough rundown of the best lacrosse finish sticks, heads, and shafts for each position, age and sex.

Best Lacrosse Sticks Comparison Chart

Image Title Features Price Product Link
STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack Midfield Stick STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick Easy catching and ball Control, Inspired by the Elite stallion U 500 head $$
STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 500 Complete Stick STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 500 Complete Stick 10 Degree technology,Patentd Elastomer Overmold reduces ball rattle $$$
STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle Two mini Super Power stick, Rugged plastic heads and shafts $
Brine Dynasty Elite II Head Strung STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle Sidewall design raises the control angle, Grid flex pocket $$
Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Sticks Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Sticks mini lacrosse ball, Not intended for game use $
Major League Lacrosse Mini Sticks Set Major League Lacrosse Mini Sticks Set Two Mini 30 inch lax sticks & one rubber Mini lax ball, Soft mesh pocket, durable plastic handle $
STX Lacrosse Exult 100 Starter Pack STX Lacrosse Exult 100 Starter Pack STX Lacrosse 4Sight youth goggle, minimal sidewall height for the deepest legal pocket, Exult 100 Stick $
StringKing Complete Lacrosse Stick STX Lacrosse Exult 100 Starter Pack Serious value, Perfect balance, Better components $$$

Top 8 Best Lacrosse Sticks Review 

STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick

For a tough entry level lacrosse stick, consider the STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick. It accompanies an aluminum shaft that makes it strong. The STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick is reasonable.

This stick enables midfield and attacking players to play at their ideal capacity. I prescribe the stick to all entry level players and people purchasing a lacrosse stick for their children. It will enable you or your children to build up the abilities that you should appreciate the diversion.

Experts who additionally require a moderate lacrosse stick can get this one.The STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 closely resembles an expert level lacrosse stick. It has an incredible shading dark. STX Lacrosse Stallion stick meets both the NCAA and NFHS Rules, so you don’t need to stress over utilizing a substandard item, it meets every one of the norms.


  • It allow easy catching and ball Control
  • It helps players develop their skills
  • It is ideal for all entry level players
  • It comply with NCAA and NFHS Rules
  • It comes with an aluminum shaft


  • Scratches on the head
  • It is strictly an offensive stick

STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 500 Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 500 Complete Stick is better created for best attacking players. It comes to you in white shading. You don’t need to use up every last cent also to bear the cost of it. The cost is sensibly high but it’s of greater quality.

This is credited to its quick discharge capacity given its squeezed throat that can hold and viably apply more control to the ball.  It accomplish better grasp and wraps around the ball with the STX Lacrosse Women’s CRUX 500 Complete Stick, an esteemed experience worth the speculation.

The new pocket configuration replaces the progressive dab framework with this leap forward elastic pieces that grasp and wrap around the ball. Support like the young men do however discharge and kill much speedier. Opt for this and you will know why national champions play with these.


  • It has quality body construction
  • It is very affordable
  • The stick enhances skills development
  • It Eembraces best release and sniping
  • It has rubber pieces for incredible grip


STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle

Searching for lacrosse stick that comes as a total bundle? The STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle is the one that you have been searching for this time.

It is a scaled down stick that wins the hearts of many. The numbers can disclose to everything. This stick has astounding numbers to help its prevalence.

A ball goes with this two pack which implies you can enjoy immediately to some training once you return home. This is the perfect hardware to control your child through the nuts and bolts of lacrosse. All you ever require is two sticks and a ball, and that is the thing that you get.

The head and shaft are of plastic. The plastic is by all accounts. At that cost getting two shafts is a genuine reward. This stick is the perfect stick for youthful children as it is anything but easy to deal with. A greater and heftier stick will some way or another slaughter the energy if the child battles with it.


  • The stick comes with a complete set
  • The head is made of rugged plastic
  • Just the perfect weight for young children
  • Great for in the backyard
  • It is very affordable
  • Great aesthetics


  • The shafts are plastic not metal and can break easily
  • It is aimed at young players

Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick

For ladies anticipating enjoying the lacrosse game, you better choose Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick. Why in light of the fact that, the maker does the best to see you have a quality stick to set you in movement in regards to taking in the lacrosse diversion.

Brackish water hopes to augment the profundity and surface territory of the Brine Women’s Dynasty Rise Complete Stick. This stick has a more prominent surface zone consequently augmenting the ball maintenance limit. In the process you exchange off the balance yet as an amateur, you have to learn ball taking care of additional to improve as a player.

It was the main stick for my better half, and she adores it till date. I can tell that by the responsible circumstances she prescribe it to any individual who needs some assistance in picking the best section level lacrosse stick for ladies. It is cherished by most women who love lacrosse game out there.


  • It’s a full-size lacrosse stick
  • It is durable
  • Very sturdy
  • Produced from a reliable manufacturer
  • Comes in different colors, neon blue, neon pink and neon green


  • None

Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Sticks

I was considering making my child happy, I am lacrosse player and can’t hold up to see my child playing and be superior to me. So he has the Warrior Mini Evo 4 Lacrosse Sticks as a birthday present, and he cherishes it monstrously. He battles a little with it however soon he will be OK with it.

The development is great so i’m certain it will see him during a few time of lacrosse playing. The pocket was extremely shallow, don’t stress as by some restringing you will have a more profound pocket that you wish for and the diversion will be on.

Only an expression of alert, don’t take the 4 lacrosse sticks for that it will come as a bundle of four sticks. It’s a solitary stick, and the 4 is only a piece of the name. So don’t abhor the item for that and begin griping that it was a deception.


  • The package includes a mini lacrosse ball
  • It comes in a variety of colors, red, royal, orange, black and white
  • It is sturdy and Inexpensive


  • It has shallow pocket

Major League Lacrosse Mini Sticks Set

Do you need a set you can use for both inside and outside? At that point you are taking a gander at it, the Major League Lacrosse Mini Sticks Set is a stick set perfect youthful lacrosse players. The handle tough handle is of plastic. The set highlights two smaller than usual lacrosse sticks every 30 inches.

In the event that we investigate the producer, I know you have by one means or another run over the name A&R Sports, It’s for a conspicuous reason they have such an incredible notoriety with regards to sports adornments.

More than 20 years in the business isn’t a joke particularly for a producer with dedication to enhancing their item step by step.

You can utilize this set for family or companions’ diversion and furthermore preparing. What a level of adaptability. Try not to waver to pick this item it is a marvelous item. You get precisely what you anticipate. I have such huge involvement with this lacrosse set of sticks.


  • The device is very versatile
  • Great basket depth
  • It is durable plastic handle
  • It is a complete set
  • Reputable manufacturer


  • It’s only a mini set of sticks

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Lacrosse Complete Junior Stick

STX is simply demonstrating how insightful they are. Giving amazing adheres to their clients, in the event that you are a crude learner, at that point this is the stick that you will require. For the youngsters, this stick holds up awesome to their abuse. I mean bouncing on it when in festivity mode and such.

The stick is exceptionally reasonable. You won’t part with a robust whole of cash to get one for your kid. That’s the coolest thing about it the reason being that after the children congest the stick you should supplant the stick, and if the underlying venture was huge then it will be a battle.

The platinum white shading is stunning. It influences it to resemble a lacrosse stick I could pay more for. The way that children begin to look all starry eyed at it is sufficient to demonstrate it is an unimaginable stick. You need a quality bag to keep the stick in good condition for longer period.


  • It has platinum white color
  • The device is affordable
  • Very comfortable to use
  • The kid can use it for a competitive amateur league
  • Sturdy


  • Will need replacement once the kid outgrows it

StringKing Complete Lacrosse Stick

The creators of the StringKing Youth Lacrosse Stick trust that the pocket is the most critical piece of the gadget. Take part in rivalry directly subsequent to purchasing this stay with its restricted outline that was made particularly for youngsters.

This stick is ideal for kids who are before all else phases of lacrosse. Adolescents can figure out how to legitimately grasp the pole before proceeding onward to standard sizes with the apparatus.

The StrikingKing has a more extensive head than some of its opposition, which makes it less demanding for novices to get balls. This stick is legitimately adjusted so guardians don’t need to chop it down to oblige their young competitors.


  • It is perfect for kids under age 11
  • It is of great quality
  • Ideal size for small children


  • It can be handled be adults

The Basic Anatomy of Lacrosse Sticks

There are two fundamental parts on a lacrosse stick. Contingent upon your on-field position, sex, age, and level, these two sections may have diverse measurements, plans, and qualities. They are:

Shafts: This is the place you hold the stay with your hands amid play. Its principle qualities are length, the material utilized, and shape/surface.

Heads: This is the piece of the stick used to catch, hold, and toss the lacrosse ball amid an assault. In a guarded play, it can be utilized to check or square your adversary’s assaults. Heads can have diverse shapes and kinds of weaves.

The lacrosse stick for you will have the perfect shaft and set out plan toward your position, sex, and rivalry level. We will investigate these elements in detail in the coming areas.

Lacrosse Shafts – Factors to Consider

To what extent should a Lacrosse Stick Be?

The length of a pole decides how fitting it is for various on-field positions. There are three unique lengths. The longest is favored by protectors for better reach. In men’s lacrosse, this is around 60 inches. The medium length shafts are utilized by goalies, and the most limited shafts (30 inches) are utilized by assailants and midfielders for better control and readiness.

Materials Used

This decides the weight and toughness of a lacrosse stick. Clearly lighter and tough materials are favored, yet they additionally have a tendency to get logically more costly. Some prevalent decisions incorporate Aluminum, Metal Alloy (generally a mix of vanadium and cobalt), Titanium, Scandium, Carbon Fiber Composites, and Blended materials. Materials like scandium and titanium are utilized by world class players.

Wrap up

The normal alternatives incorporate smooth or conventional, sandblasted, and material holds. The ideal decision for you is resolved to a great extent by your own inclinations and positional play.

Lacrosse Heads – Factors To Consider


Heads are accessible in various shapes that suit distinctive positions on the field. Aggressors may lean toward squeezed throat and adjusted scoop for enhanced control amid shots. Protectors like their heads stiffer with compliment scoops.


This is essentially down to individual inclination. Adaptable heads offer more control for shots and goes amid assaults, while stiffer heads are better for protective checking.


In the event that you are an apprentice, you may discover life simpler with a more extensive head. Smaller heads are harder to ace however offer prevalent control which is favored at cutting edge levels. There are width limitations set around the NCAA and NFHS.

Work versus Binding

Work heads are favored by goalies as they have far less bounce back impact. Nylon binding is typically utilized by the outfield players, particularly assailants. Lacrosse heads can be purchased with the work/binding, or unstrung.

Lacrosse Sticks: Attack vs. Barrier

Assault Sticks: Usually has the most brief length shafts, produced using lightest yet tough materials. Heads are by and large tight, with limit pockets, and most extreme counterbalance and scoop. Nylon binding is favored.

Barrier Sticks: These consolidate longer and heavier, more tough shafts, with more extensive and stiffer heads. The fundamental factor that recognizes lacrosse sticks is their length. Heads are to a great extent exchangeable.


Here you will find all you need to get concerning the best lacrosse sticks which is why you need to read this post. This is a comprehensive post on lacrosse stick and the type you can choose to suit your playing style.

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