Best Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews 2018(Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

One of the most popular games in the USA is Lacrosse, and that’s because it is competitive, strategic and exciting, offering players amazing benefits such as improving balance and agility, and improvement of motor skills. If you are interested in the game, then you need to invest in some practice gear, and one to consider is the best lacrosse rebounder.

The lacrosse rebounder is very resourceful practice gear that will help every player improve stick handling skills and accuracy with the ball. You can try all the training for shooting, passing and catching of the ball to enhance your game level and become an expert.

If you are interested in taking your game to the next level, then you need to be persistent with training. Finding the right person to train with might be quite difficult which is why the use of lacrosse rebounder net is the perfect option for practice. The rebounder was invented to ensure that players can train by themselves. The design of the rebounder incorporate elastic material that helps to deflects the ball at high speeds.

Best Lacrosse Rebounder Comparison Chart

Image Title Features Price Product Link
EZGoal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder EZGoal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder Telescoping frame, Patent pending Rock Solid folding mechanism $$$
Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Target Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Target Adjustable Steel Frame, For Any Skill Level $$$
TEKK TRAINER REBOUNDER GOAL TEKK TRAINER REBOUNDER GOAL perfect for field players and goalkeepers, Angle adjusts to seven positions $$$
CASEY POWELL LACROSSE REBOUNDER EZGoal Lacrosse Folding Goal, 6 x 6-Feet, Orange Limited Edition Casey Powell Lacrosse Wall, Successful training aid $$$
STX BOUNCE BACK Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net Rebounder training aid, Sturdy, adjustable steel frame $$
Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebound Wall Replacement Mat Franklin Sports Deluxe Youth Lacrosse Goal Fully adjustable rebound, Sturdy steel frame $$
Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder EZGoal Lacrosse Folding Goal with Backstop and Targets Ultra Strong 4' x 3' rebound target, Adjustable steel pipes for desired angle $$$

Top 7 Best Lacrosse Rebounder Reviews

There are different types of lacrosse rebounder products in the market and here are some of the best to consider in your search in the market.

EZGoal Professional Folding Lacrosse Throwback Rebounder

The EZ goal professional folding lacrosse throwback rebounder is one of the popular lacrosse rebounders in the market today. The design incorporates a telescoping frame which gives players the platform to have full control of their practice such as shooting, passing and catching.

The frame of the rebounder and net is made from 1.5-inch wide powder coated steel which makes it strong and reliable for use for a longer duration. You can be assured of the lifespan as you are going benefit from the use of the net.

The right side of the lacrosse rebounder is that it can be folded and stored flat whenever it isn’t in use. But whenever there is a need for it, you release it to its full pattern and then it’s ready for use. It’s a perfect option for those with limited space in need of a personal trainer gear.


  • The rebounder has a powder-coated steel frame
  • It is immensely easier to store and transport
  • It has a large surface to enhance training
  • It is versatile to the telescopic frame, and it can be folded


  • The setup process takes time

Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Target

The next on the list is the Champion Sports Deluxe Lacrosse Target, and it is one of the trusted in the industry when it comes to quality and value. The lacrosse rebounder combines comfort and quality to ensure you get exactly what you want from it.

It comes with adjustable steel frames that can offer you many rebound angles, and the mat is about four inches by three inches with the size of eight inches by three inches.

It is exceptionally perfect for different kind of people interested in training all alone without the assistance of anyone. Different type of training can be done with the rebounder to ensure you become a better player.


  • The mat is elastic and very good
  • The steel frame is durable to ensure it can withstand anything
  • It is immensely easier to pack and store when, not in use


  • It is quite difficult for beginners to break in


The Tekk trainer rebounder is one of the best, and because it can be used for different sports, it is a perfect choice for those who get involved in two or more sport such as football, hockey, and lacrosse.

The 40 square feet of surface area is one of the largest you will find in the market, and the 2 inches square grade aluminum tubing makes it quite durable and lightweight for natural movement from one place to another.

The tubing and bracket are corrosion resistant, and that makes it the best to use in any weather condition. It has a folding hinge that makes it easier to fold, and it is lightweight to move by a single person.


  • It is very good at sending the ball back at high speed
  • It is perfect for multiple sports such as soccer, baseball, and lacrosse.
  • It is lightweight and highly adjustable
  • Very easy to setup
  • It is durable and well-built


  • It is fairly expensive


The easy to fold rebounder comes with large four by three rebound area, and due to its folding feature, it is easier to store in a safe place when it isn’t in use. It has a frame that is made of a high-quality material known as steel pipes, and it is adjustable to any angle that you desire.

The Casey lacrosse rebounder is ideal for all kind of players from beginners to professional irrespective of the position you are playing on the field. The rebounder comes with a training guide that makes it so easier for anyone to train with the gear. It is beneficial as long as you can follow the instruction given in the manual.

If you don’t have ample of space in your yard and yet in need of a rebounder to improve your skills and performance, the Casey lacrosse rebounder is the perfect choice for you.


  • It is effortless to assemble
  • It has heavy construction
  • It is perfect for a small yard


  • It is smaller in size


The next on the list is the STX BOUNCE BACK, and it is a great piece for every lacrosse player in need of a personal trainer. The four by three inches rebounder is ideal for all skill levels, and it is adjustable to any angle that suits the player.

It can be considered as one of the best in the market, and its dampened rebound makes it an excellent choice for small backyards. It can be used for more than a lacrosse game but has a significant setback which is the price but it worth every penny spent on it.


  • It is affordable and reliable
  • It has a solid steel frame
  • It is lightweight and as well more comfortable to move


  • The structure isn’t as strong compared to other rebounders

Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebound Wall Replacement Mat

Every of brine product you find in the market has all it takes to compete with every other product in the market today. The rebounder here isn’t an exemption because it is created to meet the need of every lacrosse player.

The brine lacrosse rebounder is three by four inches and can throw the ball back as much as 30 feet. The frame is made of steel, and that makes it quite easier to assemble and move from one place to another quickly.

Players can practice any kind of drill irrespective of their position on the field, and they will be glad they have the piece as a perfect mean to improve the game.


  • It is durable, well-built and lightweight
  • It is straightforward to assemble
  • It is fully adjustable


  • It is fairly expensive

Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder

The last on the list is the Franklin Sports Lacrosse Rebounder, and it is extra durable and reliable with its four by a three-inch frame which offers durability and longevity among many others. It can be used by anyone who desires to improve their game and take it to a higher level.

It is the best to practice shooting, passing and catching as it has good rebounding power to ensure your drill meets your desire. It is perfect for all position on the field and can be used by both professionals and beginners.


  • It is easy to store
  • It has a fantastic design and quite more comfortable to move from one place to another.


  • It is relatively stressful to assemble

Importance of using a lacrosse rebounder

You can train at home

Having a way to rehearse lacrosse at home is significant. You don’t need to drive to a preparation field to practice, and you can make your sessions as long or short as you might want. Since you are at home, you can get refreshments or tidbits while you are preparing at the pace you feel good.

Spend more time working on the basics

If you have a flaw in your game or a basic technique that you get wrong, you can use a rebounder to fix the issue.  A concentrated session on the rebounder can do wonder for any problem you have with your game.

Having a rebounder is very convenient

If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find time to practice lacrosse.  Having a rebounder means you can walk into your backyard and have a short practice session.  All of those little 15-minute practice sessions will eventually add up and significantly improves your game.

Lacrosse Rebounder Drills

To give you an idea of how useful a lacrosse rebounder is, here are a few of the drills you can perform!

Throw and catch using dominant and non-dominant sides

Practice throwing the ball at the target using both your dominant and non-dominant side.  Change how far away you are from the rebounder as you perform the throws to challenge yourself.  After a while, mix it up by throwing on your dominant side and catching on your non-dominant — using quick footwork and lacrosse stick work to move between positions.

Running throw and catch

You may have to angle the lacrosse rebounder higher to perform this drill.  Run past your lacrosse rebounder, throw the ball at it then catch it.  This will be a challenge to perfect at first, but it will help you learn how to catch balls dropping in front of you.

Pick a spot

Keeping your stick in a high position, rebound the ball off a segment of the lacrosse rebounder.  See how many shots you can place in the same section of the rebounder as you walk further away.  This will test your racket control and reaction speed.

Throw, catch and shoot

This is similar to the previous drill, where you are running past the rebounder.  The main difference is that you will be shooting the ball at a different target after you have caught it.  This drill will help you become accustomed to fast passing with teammates and shooting rapidly. Spend more time working on the basics

If you have a flaw in your game or a basic technique that you get wrong, you can use a rebounder to fix the issue.  A concentrated session on the rebounder can do wonder for any problem you have with your game.

Things to consider when choosing lacrosse rebounder

How big is your yard?

If you only have a small yard, you might need a smaller rebounder or one that has been dampened to reduce the throwback.  You might also need a rebounder with adjustable tension, so you can throw the ball hard at the rebounder without it bouncing into the neighbor’s yard!

The actual size of the rebounder might be an issue also.  Most rebounders are 7’ tall and 3’ wide; with a rebound pad that is 3’ by 4’.  However, some rebounders can be up to 8 feet wide.  If you choose a goal rebounder, they can be as much as 10 feet across!

Will you be regularly moving your lacrosse rebounder?

Most lacrosse rebounders are well built, with frames made from anodized steel or aluminum.  However, they will still corrode if left in the weather for years.  That is why you many people opt for a lacrosse rebounder that can be quickly moved when the weather turns bad.

Other users prefer to store their lacrosse rebounder as soon as they have finished using it, so their yard looks clean and tidy.  After all, having a rebounder in your yard can be an eyesore and kill your grass!  If that is the case, select a rebounder that is portable.

Do you need a massive duty rebounder?

The manufacturing standard and quality of materials used for lacrosse rebounders can vary greatly.  Most frames are made from steel or aluminum; however, some frames are heavy duty plastic.

If you are using your lacrosse rebounder for many years, opt for a model that uses a thicker steel or aluminum frame.  It should also be powder-coated or anodized to protect it from the weather.

Does the lacrosse rebounder have good reviews?

While most lacrosse rebounders do their job well, some are sub-par.  There are reports of some rebounders being hard to assemble or arriving with pieces missing!  Other rebounders have issues with longevity and fail after only a couple of years.  It always helps to check the reviews of the rebounders you are looking at before jumping in.

What is your budget?

Lacrosse rebounders can range in price from $50 through to $500.  Your budget will determine which rebounders you look at.  However, keep in mind that most well-made rebounders start at around $150 to $250.  If you opt for a budget rebounder, it may perform poorly or only last a couple of years.

What kind of player are you buying this for?

If you are a dedicated lacrosse player who will be using the rebounder for hours every week, spend a little extra and get a well-made rebounder that is highly adjustable.  If your children are getting into the sport, perhaps consider a more affordable rebounder until you can be sure they are going to stick with it.

How big should the wall be?

The size of the wall often comes down to personal preference and the skill level of the player.  If you are an experienced player, you may benefit from having a smaller wall with a great throwback, to test your accuracy.  If you are purchasing the rebounder for your children, you might prefer a large wall that is easier to hit.

Some walls are off the ground, while others go all the way to the ground.  Experienced players may prefer one off the ground because it increases skill requirements.  If you have young children, a rebounder that goes all the way to the bottom might be a better choice.  As a bonus, a rebounder that goes all the way to the ground can be used by your kids for other sports like baseball and soccer.

How much can you angle the wall?

This is an essential consideration for experienced players.  Being able to angle the rebounder allows you to practice many more types of drills.  Some rebounders have a limited number of angles, while others are fully adjustable.  A fully adjustable rebounder allows you to work on much more than simple passes.

How about storing the wall?

If you intend on storing the rebounder every time you use it, select a low weight product that can be folded flat.  Most rebounders are portable, but some are cumbersome or heavy.


We do hope you find our article on the best lacrosse rebounder resourceful for you. We will love to hear your story as you can contribute to our comment section.

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