Best Lacrosse Helmet Review 2018(Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Review)

Nowadays, blackouts and head wounds are a noteworthy worry in contact sports. Lacrosse game is no special case to this, so picking the best lacrosse helmet (protector) for you is a standout amongst the most essential choices you will make when purchasing new accessories.

Everybody is in agreement with regards to player well-being in sports. With regards to quality helmet to ensure your head is safe, different organizations have been growing new innovation to give scope and insurance. Securing your head with a predominant helmet will shield you from blackouts, cuts and wounds. Studies shows that blackouts demonstrate that appropriate helmet which fits legitimately could keep a few wounds from happening.

Best Lacrosse Helmet Comparison Chart

Image Title Features Price Product Link
Cascade R helmet Cascade R helmet/Midfield Stick Seven Technology, One size fits mos $$$
Cascade CPV-R Helmet Cascade CPV-R Helmet SevenTech Four adjustable sizes , Cascade Lacrosse CPV-R youth lacrosse helmet Single piece shell, chin and visor allow for a lighter $$$
STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet White Helmet with Grey Face Mask STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet White Helmet with Grey Face Mask surfeit Air liner, adjustable EVA jaw pads with TPU cushioning for impact Absorption $$$
Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet Integrated ear covers for protection, CSA/HECC certified $$$
STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet Quality padding, lightweight, adaptable to any size of the head $$$
Cascade Cs Junior Lacrosse Helmet Cascade Cs Junior Lacrosse Helmet NOCSAE Standard, Gen3 EPP liner meets/exceeds all lacrosse standards $$$

Top 6 Best Lacrosse Helmet Review

Cascade R helmet

Cascade has been a best name in lacrosse helmets for quite a long time. The current year’s first class offering from Cascade is the R. It can be seen on the heads of numerous best school projects and expert groups. As their most progressive head protector ever, the R uses Cascade’s licensed SevenTechnology liner framework. At the point when the SevenTechnology endures a shot, it packs horizontally, enabling the vitality and effect to dislodge and afterward come back to its unique frame.

As a One Size Fits All head protector, the R accompanies the new HardTail SPRfit, which is a movable dial on the back of the helmet. It enables the player to make 360 degree measuring changes while the helmet is in revise position on their head for an improved fit.

Cascade has ended up being a quality lacrosse helmet maker, and keeping in mind that their value point is higher than other awesome helmets in the market, be assured your head is safe and secured.


  • It is one of the most popular helmet in the game
  • It has SevenTechnology to  offers top impact protection
  • The hardTail SPRfit offers optimal fit
  • The helmet comes with classic cage alignment offers superior sightlines
  • It has endless color combinations.


  • Fairly expensive

Cascade CPV-R Helmet

Cascade entrance level model is the CPV-R. At such a low value, this is an exceptionally reasonable lacrosse helmet for a young individual who is new to the lacrosse game, or even a grown-up playing at a low-contact level. The CPV-R utilizes Gen3 Expanded Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a demonstrated material utilized for helmets in various games. It has astounding effect retention and toughness characteristics.


For sightlines, the CPV-R utilizes the Chevron Mask. It is like the standard confine development that Cascade fans are utilized to, however utilizes a slight V in the center to enable players to have better descending vision while going for free balls. This is particularly useful for beginners.

The CPV-R comes in four distinct sizes: XXS, XS, S/M, M/L. Every protective cap likewise accompanies the SPRfit framework, which enables the player to fit the protective gear particularly to their head.


  • It has Gen3 EPP liner provides solid entry-level protection
  • It comes in various sizes available to better accommodate smaller head sizes
  • Chevron Mask provides better vision for ground balls


  • The helmet isn’t okay for high-level play.
  • The Sightlines of the helmet may not be desirable for more experienced players

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet White Helmet with Grey Face Mask

STX is new to lacrosse accessory scene especially helmet, yet the Stallion 500 is as yet composed having the player in mind. Subsequent to uniting with Schutt, a demonstrated football head protector producer, the people at STX created a helmet with prevalent insurance.

The best lacrosse helmet is intended to withstand the enormous hits that are related with football. Since lacrosse hits are not exactly as impactful as a full football handle, this head gear should hold up extremely well.

STX has licensed D30 Technology, which is a solid stun engrossing foam that is both adaptable and safe. They have likewise executed their SureFit Air Liner Technology. STX portrays this as a “first class air bladder framework” where the player can pump up certain foam pieces to deliver a formed and agreeable fit. The helmet comes in little, medium, expansive, and additional vast shell sizes, obliging to all sizes of heads.

The STX facemask has a fundamentally look to the proven Cascade cover. The bars are marginally nearer together however, which may require a modification period for a few players.


  • It is produced in conjucntion with Schutt, a proven football helmet manufacturer
  • It is superior and innovative
  • Accommodating shell sizes
  • It has many custom options available


  • Sightlines may take adjustment
  • It has bulkier look than other options

Bauer 2100 Combo Helmet

This double thickness lacrosse helmet from Bauer is a top of the line bit of hardware because of its CELLFLEX foam and double edge crown. With the coordinated ear covers you get unrivaled insurance all around your head, and the FAST change framework enables you to alter the attack of the head protective gear so it fits snuggly and easily on your head.

This head gear is completely CSA, HECC, and CE guaranteed, with the goal that you know it’s been tried for its execution. Bauer is one of the main producers of lacrosse gear, and this helmet demonstrates over and over that it can keep lacrosse players secured and agreeable, while as yet having a modern style that looks extraordinary.

There are various distinctive hues and styles to browse by Bauer, however this specific one standout amongst the most well-known among buyers. It works for various distinctive head sizes and shapes, and on the grounds that it’s produced using sturdy materials, it’s ensured to keep going for a considerable length of time to come. When you’re prepared to put resources into a brilliant lacrosse head gear, at that point this specific brand is a shrewd decision.


  • Great innovation
  • Breathable
  • It is easy to use
  • Safe and secured
  • It is compatible with different head sizes


  • It lacks nothing

STX Stallion 575 Adult Lacrosse Helmet

STX and Cascade are the 2 major juggernauts in the lacrosse head protective cap world and this is one of STX’s finest offerings. As we would like to think, it is around 20% less “forceful looking” than the Cascade R, yet I would be similarly as cheerful to drop this jewel on my head as any Cascade in the event that I thought about well-being first!

The Cascade will influence you to resemble a touch of an insidious scalawag, while the STX influences you to resemble the all-around prepared, yet great, downplayed fellow – sort of like Darth Vader’s powers looked more scary than the agitators in the orange jumpsuits – yet who winds up winning huh??! It is practically identical in about each path to the Cascade with regards to security.

The greatest contrast beside looks is the cost – significantly simpler to deal with than the Cascade (about a large portion of the cost). This STX highlights another forward tilt plan and a selective, licensed material called D30.

Its super lightweight, and it remains delicate and adaptable. It’s utilized as a part of the cushioning. The extremely cool thing is that the particles in D30 bolt together to retain and scatter affect vitality, and after that they come back to a delicate, regular state.

The ABS material in the shell consolidates affect modifiers for included quality, and the SUREFIT aircraft (movable) gives a tweaked, dynamic fit that shapes to your head, superior to anything any helmet you’ve ever utilized


  • It is lightweight
  • It is very simple to deal with
  • Quality padding
  • It is adaptable to any size of the head


  • It takes time to get along with it

Cascade Cs Junior Lacrosse Helmet

This head protector is intended to fit children that are for the most part younger than twelve. It is a reasonably spending agreeable head protector and has a great deal of change abilities with the goal that it can fit most children that are under 12.

This young protective cap includes Cascade’s Full Pivot System which is made to alter rapidly to the developing heads of players under age 12. The back third of the turns fits cozily on the head and is movable with a force tab framework.

It will fit the youthful player as they develop without trading off any of the security. The one-piece shell and visor framework ensures better against frontal effects and it houses the propelled liner framework. The liner is additionally flexible utilizing the FitSwitch sliders to control the width of the liner.


  • It is lightweight and that makes it easier to run around with and still offers an appealing looking design.
  • Open cage will give you a good view of the playing field.
  • This helmet is available in the two traditional helmet colors black and white.


  • Sticks and other debris can fit through the larger holes in the mask a lot easier than that of one with smaller holes

Things to consider before choosing a lacrosse helmet includes:


This is a conspicuous one. With new innovations flying up every year, head protector is showing signs of improvement. Each organization has their own particular one of a kind protected cushioning framework, some superior to others.


All together for a lacrosse helmet to perform appropriately, it must fit legitimately. Try not to buy a helmet that you plan to “develop in to”. Get one that fits you now. A few brands like Cascade and Warrior offer top notch head protector that are One Size Fits All.

These helmets accompany has an arrangement of foam embeds with the goal that the helmet fit appropriately to your head. Others like STX and Brine come in various estimated helmet shells. It’s vital to take after these organizations’ measuring chart so as to buy the right size. Chinstraps ought to be acclimated to guarantee that the player’s jaw remains safely in the cup when tied in place


The next factor to consider in purchasing a helmet is the sight. Each brands utilizes a veil with marginally extraordinary confine plans. These give somewhat unique sightlines. Attempt a couple out, check your fringe vision, and see what feels best for you.


When obtaining any accessory, cost dependably has an impact. Due to their imperative and the research that goes into creating them, lacrosse helmet are the most costly single bit of accessories in the game. Be set up to spend big on your acquiring the helmet. Be that as it may, for the insurance they convey, it is cash well spent.

How is a lacrosse helmet designed?

To ensure your head, neck, and face from damage on the field, lacrosse helmet are intended for full cranial assurance. That implies an entire shell encompasses the head, and incorporates with a full face-mask for maximum protection. At the point when worn legitimately, lacrosse helmet shield you from hard shots, high checks, and decrease the danger of head and spinal wounds.

Best Lacrosse Helmet

Hard plastic shell – Usually a solitary bit of impact-resistance, lightweight plastic or polycarbonate, the shell shields your head from impact without keeping you down with included weight. Awesome head protectors include ventilation gaps and innovations into the shell for a more agreeable feel.

Visor – When fitted appropriately, the visor keeps the sun out of a player’s eyes, without darkening vision. Ordinarily incorporated with the shell piece for an unbending security framework.

Thick inner cushioning – The shell is fixed with tough foam to minimize the effect of impact and shield the head from different wounds.

Metal face-mask – Typically produced using solid, lightweight metals, for example, tungsten or steel, the face-mask gives facial assurance without darkening visibility. Elite head protectors ought to give wide face-masks to more prominent scope of vision.

Chin/jaw bar – Integrated into the shell, the button bar is intended to secure the jaw while permitting simple correspondence and ventilation. Infusion formed, or loaded with fiberglass for an unbending, sturdy development, the chin bar manages impact from front hits.

Chin strap – Designed to enhance fit and keep the head protector and chin bar in place while in movement


The best lacrosse helmet you buy depends on the level of lacrosse you are playing. Professional players who are used to extensive, impactfull hits, should lean towards the highest point of the line offerings by Cascade and STX. Their value point is very high, yet the quality and insurance on those head protectors is second to none.

For a player advancing up through the young positions, mid-level alternatives like the CPV-R and Triumph are commendable decisions. The diverse size offerings guarantee that the player has an appropriately fitting head protector, and the cost isn’t set too high.

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