Best Lacrosse Goggles 2018(See Complete Buyer’s Guide)

Lacrosse goggles are an essential accessory for every lacrosse game player. It is part of the protective equipment every player must use either during training or an official game. With the increase in the number of different lacrosse goggles in the market today, it is quite challenging to get the best that will fit your face. However, we’ll help you through the process of choosing the right goggle for a perfect fit which is why we have compiled the list of the best lacrosse goggles in 2018 for you.

Best Lacrosse Goggles Comparison Chart

Image Title Features Price Product Link
Bangerz Women's Lacrosse Field Hockey Shatterproof Goggles HS-5500 Bangerz Women's Lacrosse/Field Hockey Shatterproof Goggles HS-5500 hypoallergenic, superior visibility $
STX Lacrosse Women's 4Sight Focus Goggles STX Lacrosse Women's 4Sight Focus Goggles Patented Oval Wire design, Form-fitting silicone padding $
Bangerz Youth Field Hockey Lacrosse Hs6000 Goggles Bangerz Youth Field Hockey/Lacrosse Hs6000 Goggles High-impact, one-piece shatterproof polycarbonate lens $
STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggle STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggle Form-fitting contoured silicone frame, silicone padding $
Brine Vantage 2 Lacrosse Goggles Brine Vantage 2 Lacrosse Goggles Low profile cage clears obstructions, Soft-comfort grip frame $
Brine Dynasty Women's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle Silver Brine Dynasty Women's Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle Silver Great visibility, comfortable, adjustable fit $$$
STX 4Sight Pro Goggles STX 4Sight Pro Goggles Patented low profile design, ASTM F803-03 requirements $
Debeer Lacrosse VSTGSW Women’s Goggles Eye Mask Debeer Lacrosse VSTGSW Women’s Goggles/Eye Mask Flexible design, Glare reduction technology $
STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles Vented silicone padding, ASTM F803-03 requirements $

Top 9 Best Lacrosse Goggles Reviews

Our Experts Pick

Bangerz Women’s Lacrosse/Field Hockey Shatterproof Goggles HS-5500

The Bangerz Field Hockey HS5500 Goggles is a universal eye protective device that comes with stylish design, and it is versatile which means it can be used for a different game that requires protecting your eyes.

The goggle has a tough piece polycarbonate lens which has all it takes to withstand the impact from an external force, and it doesn’t break easily. The google has curved shield design that enhances your visibility or vision as a lacrosse player.

The goggle is hypo-allergic and has a non-slip feature that is molded around the rubber in the nose which makes the goggle comfortable for any player. Furthermore, the google is coated to resist scratch and fog which makes it safe to use as it enhances your vision.


  • The goggle is sturdy and has resistant to impact
  • It has superior visibility and has a perfect fit
  • It is hypoallergenic


  • It comes in one single style

STX Lacrosse Women’s 4Sight Focus Goggles

The next on the list is the STX Lacrosse Women’s 4Sight Focus Goggles, and it offers most players maximum protection needed to keep their eyes and nose safe from impacts. The goggle has metal frame contours around the face, and it is framed in place with the use of the adjustable nylon backstrap.

The cage is durable and the silicone adding encompasses the wire cage which offers solid slip resistant coverage, and it is as well easy to detach off your eyes and clean after the game. Furthermore, the goggle is an excellent choice for those who are lacrosse enthusiasts and need to protect their eyes.


  • It is lightweight protective equipment
  • It fits perfectly
  • It has Sweat and moisture resistant silicone padding


  • The goggle is not compatible with glasses
  • It is expensive compared to some other google options

Bangerz Youth Field Hockey/Lacrosse Hs6000 Goggles

If you are in the search for a quality pair of lacrosse goggles for your girls, the Bangerz Youth Field Hockey/Lax Hs6000 Goggles is the best to consider among many options. It has polycarbonate lenses, and it doesn’t get damaged easily wince the material it is made from can withstand high impact collision.

The goggle has vented sides which help to keep your view off fog thereby increasing your visibility. Also, it has removable side pads, padded nosepiece and an adjustable strap for maximum protection and superior comfort.

Just in case you are in the hunt for a goggle that you can use your glasses with, then it is the best choice for you as it will fit perfectly on your face. It has enough room to protect your eyes without any discomfort


  • The goggle has scratch resistant lenses
  • It has adjustable and removal pads


  • Designed for youths alone
  • Clear design with no additional color choices

STX 2See Adult Field Hockey Goggle

If you are in search for some of the best lacrosse goggles for women, consider STX 2See Adult Goggles. The goggle is the best to opt for if you don’t want to keep getting a new one every season. It is durable and lightweight which makes it easier to watch on the face.

When it comes to comfort, the goggle is the best among the many options, and it has a contoured silicone frame which makes the goggle fit on the eyes. It is easier to clean, and it doesn’t absorb sweat, and it doesn’t obstruct the view of any user.

You might be worried this isn’t specific for a lacrosse game, it isn’t any cause to worry as it is versatile and can be used for a different game that requires the use of goggles. It is ideal for women and girls who love to a lacrosse game.


  • It is durable and lightweight
  • It gives an unobstructed view
  • It is comfortable and easy to clean
  • The goggle is available in multiple colors


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other options

Brine Vantage 2 Lacrosse Goggles

The Brine Vantage 2 Lax Goggles is a dynamic goggle that can be used whenever you find yourself on the filed either during practice or an official game. It is lightweight, and it enhances the view with the help of the comfortable wireframe.

If you are the type that loves to involve in different games that require the use of goggle, the Brine Vantage 2 Lax Goggles is the option for you, and the fact t is a product of one of the best in the industry is enough to keep your mind at rest. It is the right equipment to protect your eye as it has padded foam to ensure it is comfortable and safe in your eyes.


  • It enhances visibility
  • It has various colorways


  • It slips easily

Brine Dynasty Women’s Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle Silver

The Brine Dynasty Women’s Lacrosse Eye Mask Goggle is some of the best in the industry as it is flexible and comfortable. It has Tru-Vu vision system that reduces the glare and increases the visibility of the user. It has a unique rectangular shape that offers added impact protection to prevent injury further. Also, patent pending Flex Hinge technology allows a one-size fits all adjustment with maximum comfort.


  • It offers Great visibility
  • The goggle Meets ASTM F803 requirements
  • It has a comfortable, adjustable fit


  • It is slightly expensive compared to other options

STX 4Sight Pro Goggles

The STX 4Sight Pro Goggles is one of the reliable goggles for both adults and youths in need of protective gear to keep their eyes safe from impacts. It has a low profile metal wire frame and silicone padding, and that makes it easier to use.

One of the reasons to use goggle during lacrosse game is because the eyes are prone to any injury because one might lose control of the ball and it might end up hitting the eyes leading to damage. The STX 4Sight Pro Goggles has all it takes to handle whatever thrown at it.

It isn’t the most popular or most purchased in the market, but it falls among the top in the market because of the comfort, clear visibility and the way it protects the eyes to keep it safe from impacts.


  • It has a Sturdy oval-shaped frame
  • The goggle is Breathable and has washable padding
  • It has a Wide field of vision


  • Loose strap
  • It is fairly expensive


Debeer Lacrosse VSTGSW Women’s Goggles/Eye Mask

If flexibility and comfort top your priority list in your quest for a new lacrosse goggle, the Debeer VSTGSW women’s goggles may be your perfect pair. The goggle has patented Tru Vu vision system that works excellently to ensure that there is a reduction in the glare line of sight and also increase the visibility for optimal performance.

The Debeer VSTGSW women’s goggles may be your perfect pair has an adjustable strap that makes it comfortable to use as you can quickly adjust the goggle to fit your eyes whenever you want to get on the field.


  • It has a Flexible design
  • It has Glare reduction technology
  • The goggle Meets ASTM F803 standards


  • May not fit large heads
  • Only one color choice

STX Lacrosse Girl’s Rookie Dual Sport Goggles

Another excellent alternative originating from STX is the Rookie Dual Sports Goggles. These lacrosse goggles are an incredible fit for young ladies ten years and under. They include a position of safety outline and convey better visibility and quality thanks than a solid, one of a kind oval wire outline.

Past that, superior silicone cushioning gives fantastic solace and fit without engrossing perspiration or dampness, limiting breakouts and making the goggles simple to clean. Special Bonus, these goggles meet both ASTM F803-03 for ladies’ lacrosse and ASTM F2713-09 necessities for field hockey, so you realize that they’re additional safe and can serve as the ideal match for lacrosse and field hockey, should the need emerge. They’re additionally accessible in various hues and styles that young ladies are guaranteed to love.


  • It is Sturdy and of low profile design
  • It offers Superior visibility
  • The goggle Meets ASTM F803 and ASTM F2713-09 requirements


  • It is suitable for younger girls

What to look for when buying lacrosse goggles?

Just before we share with you the best product reviews of different lacrosse goggles, we need to ensure that you understand something that you should consider which will help in choosing the right product.

Perfect size

Lacrosse goggles come in different sizes and styles. Whichever one you are choosing, you must ensure you get the one that will perfectly fit you without obstructing your vision. Whichever you get, either the one with plastic material or the one with metal cages, you need to see to it that it meets the ASTM standards and stays fit on your eyes without shifting from one side to another.


Durability and sturdiness is an essential feature you need to check out with the lacrosse goggle you are about to purchase. The goggle must have all it takes to withstand the high-velocity impact which often occurs in sports games in which lacrosse isn’t an exemption.

Most goggles come with titanium wire cages or polycarbonate lenses, and that alone is enough to keep the eyes safe alongside with the full part or silicon frame which makes the glass comfortable to wear. Comfort is all you desire from your goggles apart from keeping your eyes safe, and you must consider the durability of the google to know if it has all to withstand the rigor of lacrosse game.

Optimal or clear vision

Apart from the significant goal which is to prevent the eyes from injuries, the lacrosse goggle offers every player an optimal viewpoint on the field. Take note of the fact that polycarbonate goggles help to minimize vision obstructions and also help to reduce glare and exposure to UV rays.


Both adult and youths have to ensure that the lacrosse goggle they get is a lightweight and comfortable to use. Opt for lacrosse goggle made with materials such as silicone and moisture-resistant padding make for excellent athletic eyewear. The material help to wick sweat and prevents the spread of bacteria aside from the fact that it helps to achieve optimal vision.

Why is it essential to wear lacrosse eye protection?

Every player is required to wear protective equipment and goggles are an important one. However, it is essential that you wear the glasses correctly because you can mistakenly get yourself injured. There have been lots of causalities with eye injuries in lacrosse game court as a result of the failure to use eye protective equipment.

Now with the invention of the lacrosse goggles, the record of eye injuries have reduced, and that shows the use of lacrosse goggles plays a significant role towards keeping your eyes safe during practice and game.

Can I wear my glasses under my goggles?

Choosing to wear your glasses under the lacrosse goggle is your choice. But there are things you need to consider as not all goggles will allow the use of glasses. Some goggles are designed in such a way that you can use your glasses without any issue, and some will cause discomfort.

To see to it that you continually enjoy your comfort, look for a model that has enough space to accommodate your glasses comfortably, has enough ventilation holes to eliminate sweat, and has a suitable channel for the arms of your glasses. Take note of the fact that most lacrosse glasses are bulkier and more massive than the ordinary glasses you will find in the market.

What designs work best?

Most people make a mistake to focus on the design when choosing a goggle leaving out their comfort and function of the goggle. It is imperative that you consider the use of the goggle above fashion. Of course, it is perfect to get a goggle that will compliment your outfit, but that doesn’t mean it should be at the expense of your comfort.


Goggle frames are a mainstream decision for some players due to their great scope of visibility and lightweight fit. While this style of eye security looks like a hockey veil more than a couple of goggles, it gives sufficient range to lacrosse players and, as a rule, can even be utilized over standard glasses.

Then, polycarbonate lenses nearly take after scuba or ski covers. These are regularly the favored style to combine with remedy eyeglasses, as they help forestall annoying surface scratches and bowed arms.

Whichever design you decide to choose, ensure it doesn’t meddle with your line of vision or peripherals. If you get the opportunity, have a go at strolling around in your glasses preceding acquiring them. The main thing more awful than eye damage is a limited vision of the field.


Lacrosse goggle padding is mostly made of rubber, silicon or foam. It is advisable that you opt for padding that have enough velocity impact absorbed and doesn’t shift when you have it on your eyes. Ensure you get a goggle with padding that is antimicrobial, water resistant, and easy to wash. Be sure you can depend on your goggles irrespective of the intensity of the weather or sweat that game day can throw at you.


Considering the challenges most people face when it comes to choosing the best goggle to protect their eye during games, we choose to share some of the best in the market. Why should you read our article? The best lacrosse goggles give you more insight in all that you need to know about different goggles that can be used for either lacrosse or hockey game.

We will be glad to hear from you as regarding your experience with any of the products we reviewed in this post. The goggles in this post are diversified as some are for women, men, and youths. We choose to add some for children on the off chance that your kids want to get involved in the lacrosse game with you.

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