Lacrosse game is an incredible sport and one of the fastest on two feet because of the intensity of the game. The combination of strength, speed and skill make the game one of the best to play and watch. However, there are tutorials or training on how to play lacrosse game if you decide to get involved in the sport.

The lacrosse game involves ten players on the field inclusive with a goalie at a time. The nine players are into three categories – defender, midfielders, and attackers. Each group has their role to play. The lacrosse game is just like a football game that requires running, sprinting and the utilization of one’s skills to get the team on the winning side.

The attacker and the midfielder are known to be offensive with the role to ensure that more balls get into the net of the opponent while the part of the three defenders is to protect the goal post and stand as a shield for the goalie till the end of the game.



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