7 Ways Technology is Impacting the Wide World of Sports

Technology has had an impact on almost everything that is around us. The world of sports is no different. From analyzing the players’ performance to protecting them against injuries, everything’s better with tech.

From VR to AI, technology has given us some rather interesting and unbelievable innovations. Now companies with their offers like Cox service also incorporate the rather advanced technology. They do so by making use of virtual assistants to answer queries etc. When technology is making everything else better, how could it not influence the wide world of sports? From Vii where one can turn a room into a live playing field to VR where one can feel seated in a stadium from his room, technology has come a long way

Technology has nonetheless made the world of sports all the more exciting.

Talking about sports, let’s have a sneak peek into the ways that technology has transformed the world of sports at large.

It’s a Number Game

Although numbers are involved in sports since forever, now with technology, it has become a game of numbers even more. The game that players play depend on data and data analytics. You will be rather amazed to know that on-field cameras and devices are embedded in the players’ shoes, helmets or any other sports gear that they might be wearing. These track the players as well as their statistics in real time. Do you know what that means? The coaches can easily and accurately judge the performance of an individual player. And separate the undervalued players based on these statistics to offer them more coaching. These statistics also allow the team management to pinpoint the exact areas of improvement, tweak lineups, and much more.


Best is Now Even Better

Technology has taken the best teams to the next Data collection and analysis has helped even the worst performing teams improve their on-field performance tenfold on the field. Because these statistics help track players, the coaches can help to improve the team performance as a whole. This aids the team members to extract their strengths and weaknesses. The cameras help change every action into formulas. The coaches and trainers then use these to create plays, making the teams perform even better. Hence, the supercharged performance we see now.

Virtual Reality

VR is being used not only on but off the field as well to improve not just the players’ performance but give a better experience to the viewers as well. From the players’ perspective, VR allows them to practice their skills in an imaginary space. Like it provides that whole space where players can practice without injuring themselves either. While they escape the likelihood of injuries, the data collected also helps the players and coaches to analyze their performances better. This also aids the coaches to refine their training.

When you look at it from the viewers’ perspective, so the individuals can watch the games more closely. So, one can avoid paying a hefty amount for the tickets while still enjoying the game as if seated in a stadium watching it live.


Everything’s Smart

The NFL and NHL players are at a greater risk of enduring head injuries than other players. Although the fact that every sports player is at this risk of getting a head injury calls for the matter to be addressed. Now, the smart helmets solve this issue as well. The sensors and magnets in these helmets help to detect regarding the collision and absorb the impact. Therefore, increasing the safety of the players as well.

Referees can Rest

We all are aware that referees are humans too and they make human errors as well. That is just the part of nature. However, technology seems to cater to this as well. Although the instant replay technology has long been here, the VR and 360-degree cameras are changing the game as a whole. They give the referees a better and unprecedented view of the action. Hence, almost eliminating the room for any error. Because let’s agree to the fact that it is quite difficult for a referee to keep an eye on so many players all at once with his two eyes. These cameras are a game changer. In fact, in the future, they might even eliminate the need for referees in a game.


In a world of traditional sports watching platforms, subscribe to eSports. Because that is the future of sports. Even the most traditional of sports associations aren’t turning a blind eye to eSports. They now want to partner with eSports leagues.



Even ticketing has become so easy with technology. Online ticketing has ensured a rather paperless world for us all in almost every sphere of life. The world of sports happens to be no different. This has also enabled the organizers to improve the experience of the spectators inside the stadium by many folds as well. This includes incorporating HD screens and other such services to provide the spectators with an unforgettable experience at the games.

If you happen to have booked online tickets for a sports event, you would know the struggle as the seats run out within minutes. For that purpose, you should subscribe to a service with fast Internet speed. Some companies even provide you with features like the Cox Internet speed test. This will let you check if the speed they are promising is reaching you as well. Anyway, the point is that you should know beforehand that the Internet speed is enough for you to bag the tickets for the best seats!

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